The Families Bill of Rights

The current school board has acted to exclude parents from critical decisions and events in the lives of their children. To bring policies back in line with the natural rights of parents, I propose a five-point Families Bill of Rights:

1. Schools have to be assessable to Parents/Guardians under transparent procedures.
2. Schools have to provide information on class materials, including books and syllabi, to Parents/Guardians on demand for any purpose including to Parents wanted to help their children with school work.  
3. Schools cannot require PPE, including face coverings, to attend school.  If school is so unsafe that no child can be well without PPE, schools should not be open.  
4. Schools shall address children by their name.  No student shall be referred to by a number in the classroom.  Tracking student progress by number is fine but not when addressing the individual in lieu of their name.  
5. Schools shall not implement policies designed to prevent students from socializing during lunch and free time. Unstructured play with peers is an valuable part of the public school experience.